Dubble: Noun - Definition: One who doesn't lose.
Dubble is the best gamer.
by Dubblе May 30, 2020
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Doing better than the person before you for the bettering of both of you.
John makes two sandwiches with just bread, lunch meat, and cheese. One for him and one for Bob. They were pretty plain not so tasty sandwiches. Bob takes the same sandwiches and adds lettuce, tomato, mayo, and bacon. Bob and John now have two very tasty sandwiches.

Bob did a better job then john and bettered both of them in doing so.

by Psyche1020 July 03, 2013
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E-dublble is an east coast hip-hop artist who currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. He was born 1982 in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He is known for his debut album "hip hop is good" and for his "Freestyle Friday s", where he made a new song every Friday for aout 1 year.

E-dubble s music distinguishes it self from that of other rappers because e-dubble uses his music as a tool to show his thoughts and feelings in an honest style that is difficult to find in hip-hop. His songs often have a very fast uptempo beat, nasty lyrics and a extreamely catchy hook. The lyrics message is uplifting and it will put you in a good mood while listening to it.
Guy 1: "Chek out this rapper man he is fucking awesome, his name is e-dubble".

Guy 2: "I will, what did you say was his name ?"
by milandaking July 23, 2012
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when someone takes two consecutive hits from a pipe
Natalie: whoa, did she just dubble puff?
Makenzie: yeah man i think she did, how rude
by natmak November 20, 2013
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When you are accidentally slapped in the face with force by the testicles during oral sex.
Yo, I got this huge bruise while I was givin AJ head, he totally gave me the dubble bubble!!!
by punanny April 18, 2005
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A white teenage boy/guy who dresses in athletic clothes and Jordans. He makes it clear that he likes mainstream rap such as Lil Wayne and Eminem.
Yo Dubbly Clat! Is that eminem you're listening to? Nice kicks by the way.
by jareds8989 September 13, 2010
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The Dubble Horizontal is when someone bends you over a bar stool and puts some ruby red slippers on you and does you from behind while you scream "Theres no place like home!"
"Man im gunna come up in there and pull a dubble horizontal on your ass"
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