Gin and Tonic. What you drink at the club before, during, and after a tennis game.
Fred: Want to play doubles with me and Martha?

Stan: Sure thing Fred, right after I finish my G&T, and my wife finishes the pool boy.
by ALEXfromExeter July 26, 2005
A wealthy persons drink, not for the poor and state school masses... every privately educated person likes a G&T before reciting some Shakespere or going off to the East India...

People who drink G&T naturally are sucessfull in life...

Here Here! Lets all have a G&T to accompany the silver spoon that is wedged down our gullet! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

My daddy drives a RR and before I go in it I like a G&T

G & T drinkers dont give a f*** about lower classes...
by Starbuck C January 24, 2007
A way of saying "Nigga" without being jumped by every black person whithin earshot.

A synonym for "Nigga"

The phrase originated in Bristol England, allegedly to help those who invented it cover up their racism.

The full phrase is gun and trigger, which stems from the massive increase in black gun crime.
commonly abrieviated to g+t
(crowded room, mixed race occupants Jim is bleeding and has bruised knuckles)

Mark: you alright mate, what happened?
Jim: a fucking ni... G&T jumped me.
Mark: Hope you fucked him up.
Jim: Standard.
by Leith February 25, 2007
Stands for giant/tiny, any work with really large or small people eg: fairies borrower's littles. Usually tinies are 3-5 inches or so and giants 30feet+. Like Gulliver's travel, iron giant, honey I shrunk the kids and the borrower series. It's used in art and fanfic widely as either comfort or adventure or fearplay. It mostly reffers to sfw things while the nsfw version uses macro/micro. People who like g/t often do so from a very young age (4-8yo), find out about the tag at thriteen and stay fans well into adulthood so if you're tempted to look it up you'll find works from kids and teens and adults alike. Just like you'll find werewolf and vampire au's if you look behind the baseboards and under the floorboards you'll find hundreds of them.
Bro1: Bro did you read that sander sides g/t fic with the fearplay I sent?
Bro2: Yeah bro it was so cool but you know I prefer like wholesome stuff did you see the art I sent?
Bro1: I did!! Dude it was so cool how did you find mob psycho g/t art I couldn't find any for the last three weeks...
by Marakura May 22, 2021
acronym standing for Gina & Tina. better known amongst those that take part in the PNP (Party and Play) scene. (Getting high and having sex)

Gina or G represents the drug(s)GHB or GBL & T represents Tina, which is a nickname for Crystal Meth.
Do you have any "favors"? G & T. Or may be identified in string of words by being the only letters in CAPITALS. ex. top lookinG for some fun TonighT.
by Ex PNPr March 15, 2009
Gin & Tonic
An alcoholic beverage that tastes like wet grass.
Let's all have G & T's by the pool.
by Shemp February 25, 2005
g/t is shorthand for give or take. Used when there's a character limit or when you just don't feel like typing the whole phrase

A: hey when are you planning on getting the tickets to the concert?

B: 2 weeks from now g/t a few days

A: k cool - let me know when you get them
by urban-dicktionary February 18, 2017