ground & pound; when a guy is on top of a girl and going as hard as he can for as long as he can.
Man i gave her the g & p last night!!!
by sweet p December 2, 2007
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g!p stands for girl peen/ girl penis. It is usually used in fanfiction and roleplaying.
Rachel stroked her thick g!p as Santana did a striptease for her.
by lisilly January 19, 2012
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meaning "Girl!Penis", used mainly in fanfics to warn that the fic has a futa or trans woman in it, though the last term is not often used even though it's the only realistically possible way that a woman can have a pp. Mostly used in a lesbian context.
Don't mind Jeff. He's been fapping to those G!P fics of Jerrie.
by stay don't stray December 14, 2019
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Georgia Pacific: A large evil fucking company that likes to ass fuck its straight employees with Massive PlyWood Dillys! Also, use in reference to a lying maggot, punk, whore, necrophiliac, that dresses up in a White hard hat and rapes your mind with useless talk of production, that in all actuality is just setting you up for your annual fisting!
"That mother fucker at the Talladega mill is a G P !

" Man, your walking funny dude! Ahhhh... you must work at that mutha fuckin G P !
by Mr. Good Guy November 7, 2008
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Dude#1 - You talk to Dominic recently?
Dude#2 - yeah! Dudes making tons going G for P.
by St0machW0rm March 27, 2021
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To make an outrageous legal claim to take de jure ownership, trademark or copyright on something which is clearly not yours to possess.
Proctor & Gamble just tried to P&G “LOL” — WTF?
by Professor Arsegarp August 24, 2018
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Men seen prowling the Sydney CBD, usually trying to pick up women at work functions, such as staff Christmas parties.

It is not unknown to see them walking around with a white umbrella, which leads to questions about a certain level of 'ta-ta'

Responds to 'HO-BAG'

'Check out that P&G!'

'Nice pink shirt, you P&G!'
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