The Japanese name for hermaphrodite.
Those who have both private parts
Damn, I like futas because I can both fuck a pussy and get fucked
by Terranium January 06, 2018
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1. An acronym for "Federal Unemployment Tax Act," FUTA is legislation that allows the government to tax businesses with employees for the purpose of collecting revenue that is then allocated to state unemployment agencies and paid to unemployed workers who are eligible to claim unemployment insurance.
2. girl with penis
FUTA is absolutely necessary to ensure the structural integrity of modern society.
by D1sc May 19, 2020
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short for futanari, which, in the hentai community, is a dick girl. A being that has the body of a female and the genetelia of a stallion.
Nice tits, i think as I scroll down, but since she was a futa, my perversion soon turned to envy.
by kostya July 05, 2005
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the worst imaginable human sin
please forgive me father for i haved sined i have jacked off to futa
by izameyaboi February 03, 2021
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a woman with a penis
@robthesnob3000: hey, @athleticfutabell, what does your name mean?
@athleticfutabell: it means my name is bell and im an athletic woman with a penis
by justahoe_ June 21, 2021
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