A fun activity with great likeness to a puzzle. Usually pictures of horses or a sexy face ;) Often completed using MSN.
Hey Elise, do you want to do a fuzzle tonight?
by HubbieXD September 3, 2012
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Anything adorable, cute, and fuzzy
Awww... that terrier puppy is such a fuzzle.
by mm454 May 17, 2011
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Fuzzle - Verb.

To lightly rub the fingertips back and forth across another's head as a gesture of affection. Babies and sweet, old grandmothers are perfect recipients of a fuzzle. Not to be confused with the noogie, which is done in in a violently playful, or derisive manner and with the knuckles. In the fuzzle, the fingertips are placed just above the hairline. If the person is bald, the fuzzle becomes a "tappate", and is then done by very lightly and briefly drumming the fingers on the head. Either the fuzzle or tappate is usually finished off with a smooch to the area.
"Be sure to give gramma a fuzzle and a kiss before you leave".
by N.Berry April 14, 2007
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To stick one's penis into another man's beard to derive sexual pleasure
ANGUS FUZZLED MONTY LAST NIGHT, It was totes cray cray.
if u don't know Ur a fucklord
by Dobkle October 2, 2015
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Hair from your head that gets stuck in/you remove from your butt-crack. Generally after the shower.
Damnit! I really needto get a shower cap or a haircut, cuz' I keep getting fuzzle!
by hebbs512 November 23, 2010
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The act of fingering pubic hair; Normally used as a form of foreplay. If done correctly, this can cause an intense feeling of pleasure called a fuzzgasm
While we were hooking up I began to fuzzle her until she eventually fuzzgasmed and collapsed on the bed exhausted.
by EnriqueSchmittay June 1, 2009
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Fuzzle is not anything, it is an idea, such as indie was a style and genre, fuzzle is now its replacement.
'Omg I'm so fuzzle'
by It'sasecretshh January 10, 2012
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