to mess up a friends hair, by taking ones hand and rubbing against the pulled back part of a pony tail.
That evil whore fuzzled me again!
by whitechocolate February 17, 2003
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to become progressively more confused and lost in the middle of an online search - usually while searching for yourself or your location

Where is my house on this map? I am now totally fuzzled.
by Ignatz Pepachuk July 11, 2008
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When one gathers lots of different people (preferably ones whom this person is attracted to) and leads them to a forest. They then go on a hunt for fuzzy creatures such as rabbits and bears. If one sees one, one must kill it with their bare hands. Once an acceptable amount of fuzzy creatures have been captured, everyone must skin the animals and wear the fuzzy skin. Once everyone has done this, one must lead the others into an open space where they shall lie and cuddle together in their fuzzy outfits. Thus, fuzzling
Yesterday I fuzzled with 29 people at once
by fuzzleguy69 December 31, 2011
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A hybrid gesture of a scritch and a tussle.
Do not fuzzle an angry yeti.
by Ytse December 27, 2005
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1. Ruffle someone's hair, particularly short hair (buzzcut), ponytails, or pubes.

2. Tamer alternative to Fuck.

3. A Fuzzy Navel.

4. Confuse, via confuzzle. Possibly a combination of "fuzzy" and "confuse", most often used as a state of being (fuzzled).

5. Nuzzle stubble to stubble (hopefully between gay men, otherwise your woman needs to shave).
"I fuzzled Srdjan last night."
"Wait, I'm fuzzled, maybe that fuzzle I just drank is gonig to my head. Did you fuzzle him or Fuzzle him?"
"... Both actually"
by Bastiandantilus July 10, 2009
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A little fuzzy thing you use to attack your enemies with in the game Oddworld Stranger's Wrath. It attacks kind of like a pirhana!
I thought that ugly guy was going to beat my character, but then I used my rabid fuzzle against him and he was out within seconds!
by Anonymous February 16, 2005
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