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A ZA moment is when you are right in the middle of a situation but STILL have absolutely NO idea what's going on and usually need it explained to you. THAT'S a ZA-moment.
She: "What book are you reading?"
He: "Book?"
She: "The one in your hands".
He: "Uh-ZA! Got me; it's an auto manual"

OR ~

(You're in a restaurant and the waiter walks up to you.)
W: Are you ready to order?
Y: Order?
W: Your meal. Have you decided?
Y: "OH! Uh, yes! Sorry! Had a ZA-Moment there."
by N.Berry January 07, 2011

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Fuzzle - Verb.

To lightly rub the fingertips back and forth across another's head as a gesture of affection. Babies and sweet, old grandmothers are perfect recipients of a fuzzle. Not to be confused with the noogie, which is done in in a violently playful, or derisive manner and with the knuckles. In the fuzzle, the fingertips are placed just above the hairline. If the person is bald, the fuzzle becomes a "tappate", and is then done by very lightly and briefly drumming the fingers on the head. Either the fuzzle or tappate is usually finished off with a smooch to the area.
"Be sure to give gramma a fuzzle and a kiss before you leave".
by N.Berry April 14, 2007

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Verb - See fuzzle.

As a gesture of affection, this counterpart to fuzzle is done on a bald person. One tappates another by very lightly and briefly drumming or tapping the fingertips on another's head, usually just above the hairline. Not to be confused with noogie, which has more violent connotations.
"C'mere you little cutie; let me tappate your head!"
by N.Berry April 14, 2007

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n. Substance that kills. Poison.
Adding vodka to Vicodin can turn it from a pain-killer to a killative agent.
by N.Berry December 19, 2011

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