Artwork with the subject of animal people. A sub-section of the Anthropomorphic art world.
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
A form of art that is quickly catching on. It is art that is centered around anthromorphs and/or feral beings.
I am a furry artist. If you don't like it, the fuck off.
by Kameha Strife X December 12, 2003
An art form that involves an Antrhopomorphic animal (or more) in the same manner of a normal piece of art would mainly aimed for the furry fandom
a drawing of Donald Duck or Tom & Jerry would all examples of furry art (though it is normaly someones own fursona)
by Foxxtail February 8, 2006
A type of art that appeals to the bored, perverts of late night television. It is viewed by only the most clever, artistic perverts, with very vivid imaginations. It is viewed by the few that are too cheap to buy it on pay-per-view or those whom are too embarassed to rent it from the movie store. While admiring this furry art, one might pick out a round object that MIGHT be a boob or two objects that MIGHT be having sex. However, this is not for the weak of heart, because one never knows what to expect while viewing it. Sometimes, when the artist has gotten lucky, it is hardcore blurry porno on channel 92, and when the artist has messed up, it is a hardcore, blurry mexican church service. However, on the good days when the artist has found a good art piece, it can be one of the best 30 seconds of that artist's life. Jill is usually involved.
by ME July 4, 2005
Art made of furry/-ies; ie sketches, paintings and computer generated images of animals with some level of human characteristics.
Furry art seems a little too surreal.
by MaxBrains October 29, 2004
Art that involves half human half animal characters. Also called anthros. Furries draw it and a lot is pornographic which is called yiff. It would be good if they stopped drawing these creepy pornographic drawings so us normal people can enjoy it instead of puking at it.
Whatever you do do not type out furry on google. Trust me your puke bucket will overflow
by Lupine Shawn April 28, 2005