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Even me an enviormental extremest thinks these people are insane. Protecting endangered animals and preventing animal abuse is one thing but preventing people from eating meat that is retarded. Wolves, big cats bears, even some birds and reptiles eat meat. I guess they want to stop those animals from eating meat too. They don't understand a balence in nature and a little bit of everything is good. Hypocritecal and stupid explanes PETA.
PETA is worthless, normal people would do better to help the enviorment than PETA.
by Lupine Shawn March 18, 2005

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Roman Spearmen who were the grizzled veterns of ancient roman combat.
Triarii are one of the best units in Rome Total War.
by Lupine Shawn March 30, 2005

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Basically an obese PS2 controller with buttons that stick.The worst controller ever, it breaks so easily.
My brother broke his x-box controller this is like his 17th one, He could have bought a PS2 with that money!!!!!!
by Lupine Shawn January 28, 2005

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One of the cutest things in the world.
They are as cute as puppies when they yawn.
by Lupine Shawn March 30, 2005

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Similar to burned fur. They were weres once taken by the mundane world tourtured mutilated a horrible new fandom. They hate weres beyond belef. I think otherkin4breakfast is one and so am I. They tend to spend time insulting weres and making fun of there belefs. How they are formed take a were and put him or her on a were site they get flamed and they flame back then the manager bans the newbie. FUCK FACISM. If they would just let me back on the fuckin site I would not be a burned were.
Lupine Shawn is a burned were.
by Lupine Shawn March 21, 2005

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A sick perverted act that all who commit should die. Furries do not do this, they like anthro characters. Also see pedophile, pervert, and rapist
If I see any one comitting beastality I will kill them.
by Lupine Shawn January 31, 2005

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What causes the stupid generalizations of furries. It involves furries fucking each other or people with animal parts fucking each other. Now this shit is probably some of the most disturbing forms of hentai ever created, but not all furries like it or jack off to it. But the few who do they just tend to keep it to themselves.
I would never in my whole life look at furry hentai.
by Lupine Shawn April 19, 2005

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