10 definitions by Lupine Shawn

Basically an obese PS2 controller with buttons that stick.The worst controller ever, it breaks so easily.
My brother broke his x-box controller this is like his 17th one, He could have bought a PS2 with that money!!!!!!
by Lupine Shawn January 29, 2005
Even me an enviormental extremest thinks these people are insane. Protecting endangered animals and preventing animal abuse is one thing but preventing people from eating meat that is retarded. Wolves, big cats bears, even some birds and reptiles eat meat. I guess they want to stop those animals from eating meat too. They don't understand a balence in nature and a little bit of everything is good. Hypocritecal and stupid explanes PETA.
PETA is worthless, normal people would do better to help the enviorment than PETA.
by Lupine Shawn March 18, 2005
Roman Spearmen who were the grizzled veterns of ancient roman combat.
Triarii are one of the best units in Rome Total War.
by Lupine Shawn March 31, 2005
PEOPLE (just calling them human will insult them) who are aroused by being an animal. They draw themselves as animals and role play. The also hang out at werelist to flame mundane folk like myself. Some of them dress in fursuits and some of them even have sex in the suits. Talk about perverted. Some are bad and some are good but you just cant generalize them as perverts. Some people I know are furries and they dont talk about yiff or being an animal all of the time.
Furries are not perverts it is just a fetish they have, BUT LETS MAKE FUN OF THEM ANYWAY CAUSE I HATE THEM AND THEY ARE WIERD.
by Lupine Shawn March 22, 2005
Art that involves half human half animal characters. Also called anthros. Furries draw it and a lot is pornographic which is called yiff. It would be good if they stopped drawing these creepy pornographic drawings so us normal people can enjoy it instead of puking at it.
Whatever you do do not type out furry on google. Trust me your puke bucket will overflow
by Lupine Shawn April 28, 2005
A useless person whos sole purpose on this planet is to make furries feel terrible. They are ignorant pricks who spend more time feeling starting useless arguements than helping themselves. Prejudice, ignorant, and useless are all words that discribe furry haters.
That furry hater tried to beat me up. He never messed with me again after I went berserk and bit him.
by Lupine Shawn January 29, 2005