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First emperor of Wei Han China in the second and third centuries. Also a writer and critic.
Cao Pi liked that particular book.
by MaxBrains January 4, 2004
Art made of furry/-ies; ie sketches, paintings and computer generated images of animals with some level of human characteristics.
Furry art seems a little too surreal.
by MaxBrains October 29, 2004
Sun Ce was the first emperor of Wu Han China in the second century. He won the admiration of many through his prowess in both civil and military matters.
Sun Ce was a man of virtue.
by MaxBrains January 4, 2004
n: 1) usu "the boonies;" an area far from human development. 2) a soft wide-brimmed military hat usually worn in hot weather; also "boonie hat."
1) Don't bother coming out here since I live in the boonies.
2) Boonies are popular with American troops in the desert and American civilians in the outdoors.
by MaxBrains November 8, 2004