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Someone who is simply amazing, takes your breath away, leaves you with a smile on your face. The boy of your dreams. Someone who'll always be there for you, cheers you up, never makes you upset, doesn't lie or cheat. ALWAYS honest. Reminds you how lucky he is to have you, tells you how beautiful you are regardless what you look like. The boy you never want to lose. The one you love no matter what and he loves you no matter what.
1. Furkan is the perfect boy!
by lhdfdsbfudsbfdlgbgs;kbg December 03, 2013
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an OG who likes to hang out with his homies like a boss turkish gangsta
"hey furkans a idiot" "What did you say?"
by KHJSGSJAH May 01, 2018
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Furkan is a very legendary turkish boy who likes to play sports and spend time with his family. He always has his gang with him and you wouldn't want to mess with him. He says what he wants and does what he wants.
Bully: You nerds , come fight me

Furkan and his gang: Are you sure?

Bully : Oh shit!
by NoToiletRoll March 30, 2020
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A man you can’t resist and can never forget. He’s mysterious but a great listener. He’s complicated, doesn’t give out much about himself but still there’s something about him that draws you. He has a big bum.
I’m looking for someone. Must be Furkan.
by Vlad1911 January 24, 2020
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Furkan is a common male name, which is very common not only in Turkey, but surprisingly in European countries like Germany and France too.

The personality of the persons holding this name cannot be generalized, however there is a tendency to specific properties, due to the fact that those people were often confronted with a similar culture.

People holding the name Furkan are usually very sportative and show an above average physique. Moreover, they often are very ambitious and dedicated, which gets subsidized by their enormous amount of discipline.

The main negative points about people with this name is that they lack the ability to tell when they have lost or when investing further into the matter will not result into additional benefits. It is controversial to say that this is per se a bad property, however, it potrays a certain degree of stubbornness.
I am still surprised how Furkan is able to stay concentrated for so long, he sure is dedicated!
by Bighousesarecool December 30, 2020
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Furkan is someone who takes your mind away he is reliable and always has your back. He knows when something is not write and is upfront with anything. He is an attractive person with a big bum. You would be lucky to have a furkan. Furkan is a boy
He has a big bum he must be a Furkan
by FULMANITOUUW December 11, 2017
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