When you been doing ketamine for three days straight and your nostrils can't take it anymore so you lay upside down and funnel Ketamine your frontal lobe.
Dude, we've been partying so long and hard I can't even breathe through my nose! What should I do????? Duh, ketamine funneling.. What, did you grow up in a cardboard box?
Somebody grab the funnel!!! This party ain't over till the K Runs Out!
by Captain Long Dong Silver August 03, 2021
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The act of inserting an individual’s erect penis into the penis of another’s (erect or flaccid) while ejaculating. Usually performed in order to transfer semen into an individual who is running low or for pleasure purposes.
Jim: “Hey Tom, I didn’t cum last night when I had an orgasm what do I Do? “
Tom: “ Do you need a milk funnel?”
by Yogurtboys April 20, 2018
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A sex act popularized in Minnesota, but was invented a woman named Kate in the state of Virginia. The sex act used to be an inside joke in the old Yahoo Pro Wrestling Chat room, but quickly spread to all the regulars who used to chat in the chat room. A man from Minnesota who used to be a regular in that chat room picked up the sex act and popularized it in that state.

The sex act is where A woman puts a funnel cake up her vagina. Her sex partner then proceeds to eat the funnel cake out of her vagina.
Dude, I just did the Minnesota Funnel Cake with this girl the other day. I heard about the Minnesota Funnel Cake from some guy from South Minneapolis. As soon as I heard about it, I bought a funnel cake and shoved it up this girl's poontang. Then I ate it out of her. She loved it!
by Ollie Churpuzzi November 06, 2016
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a weird person like really weird who is also old and close to death morgan likes to go play bingo with her friends on tuesdays she is a mother of 7 or 6 and they are white and eat dry chicken
Is that Morgan Funnell ? What a freak!!!
by gojosgf February 27, 2021
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A quote that was said by Donald when Gordon was trying to get through the line in Emily in the middle.
(try saying this in scottish accent)
Gordon: Get out of my way! You're holding up the express!
Donald: Alright. Cool ye funnel big man.
Gordon: Oh the indignity...
by Nick_Aviafox January 11, 2020
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A normal beer funnel, except within the act of chugging an individual or many individuals spit candy into the top of the funnel. The person that is chugging must also chug down the pieces of candy or else he or she is a bitch.
Greg, im gonna spit smarties into the funnel so that it becomes a candy funnel. Dont be a cunt muffin and not swallow the candy.
by Neil Durkin October 19, 2008
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