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When a man gets his penis erect, and then pulls down a girls pants and very quickly sticks his penis in her ass, and then runs away as fast as possible.
Riley: “Hey Logan, that was some awesome fun dipping last night”
Logan: “Yea man, we got Alexa so good!”
by RGLA June 11, 2018
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When a girl puts fundip powder on a guys weiner and licks and sucks it off like a fun dip...
That was the weirdest head I have ever had but head is head as long as the girl is hot...
by Michael G August 25, 2005
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the sex act containing preferably 3 people in which one participant gets their anus filled with fun-dip powder another sticks their penis in the filled anus and the third sucks/licks the powder off,it is done multiple times
john-hey man want some wonkas fun-dip?
guy:no jen already asked me to go fun-dipping later
john:dont you need three people for that?
guy:yeah, wanna join?
john:yeah but i want to lick the stick
by XXajellydonutXX April 09, 2010
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Using the popular candy Fun Dip to pleasure a women by inserting the dipstick into her vagina then dipping the stick into the candy power then licking the powder off the stick repeating this several times is Fundipping
"Yo man I can't believe you and jessica were Fundipping at her party" said Derek with great zeal
by fundipper February 02, 2009
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When you have sex on the beach, you pull out, dip your dick in the sand, and go back in. Preferably with a condom on.
by Hderhfe June 12, 2018
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