This word is commonly used to describe Jack Avery, a member of the popular group called Why Don't We (Buy their ep, something different on iTunes) by describing someone as a full course meal you are calling them hot, tasty enough to eat, cute, etc....
by Ilikejazz August 4, 2017
commonly used to describe the band called Why Don't We. This band is officially one years old the day I'm writing this. The five boys, Jonah Marais, Zach Herron, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, and Jack Avery, are super hot and are totals studs. Not only do they have voices of angels, they are super sweet and kind and pure hearted.
Zach, Corbyn, Jonah, Jack, and Daniel are full course meals.
by xxZachHerron'sWifexx September 28, 2017
This word is mostly used to describe a band called why don't we ( Buy their new song These girls on iTunes) By calling someone a full course meal you are saying they are so good looking you want to eat them.
by whydontwe_mendesbarbz August 29, 2017
An example would be JACK AVERY , CORBYN BESSON , DANIEL SEAVEY , JONAH MARAIS , ZACH HERRON. They are all very hot, and loving and are super caring. If you have the chance to meet them do it they are smart, warm hearted, people ever. Why don’t we are some FULL COURSE MEALS.
by audibleavery on insta September 26, 2018
A over encompassing term for when you suck on girls tits, then eat her pussy, and finally her eat ass. The tits are the appetizer, the main dish is the pussy, and the dessert is the ass. Performing these in this specific order is known as a full course meal.
Scott: Bruh my girl wants to spice up our sex life but I don't know what to do
Jon: Easy, just give her the full course meal and she'll be wetter than Niagara falls
by Knowledge man September 25, 2021
A woman who is not skinny and very thick, and hard for many men to handle. Most men go for the appetizer because they are afraid of the full course meal. She usually has a big butt, big breasts, big thighs, flat stomach, and a pretty face.
by Full Course Meal June 2, 2006