Fue is a pronoun that can mean cool, fly, fresh, lit, and so on
Them shoes fue
by WordMaster6767 September 4, 2016
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Derived from the Spanish word "Fuego", fue usually refers to something or someone that would be called any of the following words: Lit, Fire or Awesome.
Damn, her eyebrows be lookin' fue on the weekends!
by PaperBaller November 29, 2017
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Very small, and also gets girls, but only because hes small. Girls say hes cute and guys get jelious and call him a migit/dwarf. But Fue makes it into a joke and made more friends with the boys. He is a loving guys hes funny. He games sometimes, and will hang w=out with his Asian friends until he dies. He does not like to bully and will stop it at all cost.
He likes watching Anime with super cool powers.
Girls:"Look its Fue. He's so cute i just wanna hug him to death"
Boys:"Hey look guys it's the migit!"
Fue:"Sup guys :D"
by Fuemanchu March 4, 2018
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Word for not ugly, but not cute. orginiated in Brooklyn, New York
T1) That boy is... fue.
2) He is so cute, nah he is fue.
3) Chris Brown is mad sexy, nahh he is fue.
4) I like a boy that is fue because gurls will think he is plain.
by saM-Me* June 28, 2009
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A fue fussy is no good pussy. use it as an adjective in ur next report.
For example “that bitch gotta fue fussy” or “she a whore she got a fue fussy” and “this stanky ass rat headed clammy Ass nappy edges head ass with the daddy and mommy issues gots a fue fussy”
by Lexi wuwhoooo February 26, 2022
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