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Very small, and also gets girls, but only because hes small. Girls say hes cute and guys get jelious and call him a migit/dwarf. But Fue makes it into a joke and made more friends with the boys. He is a loving guys hes funny. He games sometimes, and will hang w=out with his Asian friends until he dies. He does not like to bully and will stop it at all cost.
He likes watching Anime with super cool powers.
Girls:"Look its Fue. He's so cute i just wanna hug him to death"
Boys:"Hey look guys it's the migit!"
Fue:"Sup guys :D"
by Fuemanchu March 04, 2018

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A very tall Asian and is really nice to others. He is helpful and is like a brother.
"Hi Kongpeng u wanna hang out with us?"
"Kongpheng can you help me out I'm too short to reach the table"
by Fuemanchu March 04, 2018

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