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A Fuda or F.U.D.A is a slang term used commonly in the United States, Australia and New Zealand to explain the over growth of flesh or in this instance ‘fat’ just above the male reproductive unit or penis. For the purpose of the anachronism F.U.D.A stands for the “Fatty Upper Dick Area”.
The man over there has an enormous Fuda, I wonder if he can even see his penis.
by Ian Brooks September 09, 2006
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{also spelled F.U.D.A.} an acronym meaning "Fat Upper Dick Area."

The male version of the female fupa (Fat Upper Pussy Area).

Like the fupa, the fuda is an ailment that directly targets the flesh above the genital region, the "triangle".

Men who suffer from fuda often go weeks, or in some documented cases, years, without seeing their penis. Fuda is directly related to poor diet, lack of exercise, extreme chafing, and lack of social interaction.

Fuda is a common ailment among McDonalds employees and players of the MMO RPG WoW (World of Warcraft)
Damn look at Fatter Boy, his fuda is enormous!
by Fat Boy Bass May 31, 2010
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the dude that comes too work after my shift has a serious "fuda" going on!
by ben-wah! April 03, 2003
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Fat Upper Dick Area - A FUDA is a common trait of a Window Licker.
Hey Mark, look at the enormous FUDA on Keith. Is it part of his gut?
by JBH1 April 03, 2007
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Fat Upper Dick Area. Similar to a F.U.P.A. only on an extremely obese man. A man with a F.U.D.A. will appear from a distance to be sexless or hermaphroditic as their pubic fat will completely mask any genital bulge. F.U.D.A.s have been known to shrink and completely engulf a man's genitals requiring surgery to free them.
That dude hasn't seen his dick in ten years thanks to his F.U.D.A.!
by CajunCeauxstie October 02, 2007
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