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A person who is surprisingly and emphatically a fucker, so much so that such a word does not do justice to their fucked-upness. Thus, "fuckerfuck."
"Unhand my female, you slobbering fuckerfuck!"
by End Boss June 15, 2009
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1. An expression of discontent when not direct toward anyone.

2. To call some annoying asshole.

3. When someone screws you over, by having sex with your girlfriend while your mother watches and then joins. If he only has sex with your mother he will be fettered to as a, 'motherfucker'. Regardless if your girlfriend watches the sex.

4. When saying goodbye to someone you are upset with.
1. After slamming your finger in the door, "Fucker FUCK that hurt."

2. After someone slams your finger in the door, "What the Hell you Fucker Fuck!"

3. After someone slams your girlfriend and mother from the back at the same time: "You had sex with my girlfriend and my mother you Fucker Fuck!"

4. "Have a nice day Fucker Fuck"
by FuckerFuck4Life August 30, 2011
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