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A style of punk rock characterized by the general attitude of "I don't give a motherfuck." While the Green Day fans and true punks alike consider a Fuck-punk to be the baddest ass since since your grandmother stopped washing, fuck punks themselves actually don't care. Usually considered to be demented with a serious mental illness these individuals feign apathy towards everything and everyone. They won't bathe, eat for long periods of time or remove certain articles of clothing such as combat boots, leather jackets or studded/spiked bracelets/collars; this is common place within the punk rock community and no one notices. Their overblown carelessness even comes to such an extent that fuck punks will not keep a steady heroin addiction or pursue slutty future Suicide Girl trailer whores. However, their level of bad assery is so incredibly powerful that even Chuck Norris must bow to his Fuck Punk overlords. Women will throw their jailbait vaginas towards these ultrapunx and moshpits begin in public locations (e.g the library or Museum of Natural History) merely because of his/her presence in the 5 mile area they happen to be levitating towards. If these people leave their house it's only to buy more bottles of Aquanet to maintain their godly mowhawks which awe Sid Vicious fanboys and terrify small children. A rare sight, fuck punks are to be both admired because of their aura of pure Punkness and feared due to an epically foul odor of amazingness.
The guy that had sex with every girl at the Leftover Crack concert while stage diving AND moshing? He's such a fuck punk.
by JoyDivision February 19, 2011
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