Australian slang, short for 'shut the fuck up you cunt'. More or less the same as any Australian slang with the word 'cunt' in it, it's meant to be used casually or by some dumbcunt to sound threatening.
Bazza: Stevo did you take my durries ya dumcunt?
Stevo: *on phone, doesn't give a shit*
Bazza: Oi mate I'm fuckin talkin to ya-
Stevo: FUCK UP CUNT! Git off ice, throw the first punch!
by tubendo November 3, 2016
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Australian slang. The rough meaning being, "Please sir, would you be slightly quieter, and/or avail yourself to the nearest exit."
by MonstahSlayah October 7, 2021
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A phrase only currently used by two people on planet Earth. It’s a combination of “fuck off, cunt,” “shut the fuck up, cunt,” and “you’re a fuck up, cunt.” It has more meanings and uses, but the true nature of the phrase is only known by the originator.

Place of origin: Florida, USA
Cunt: “Hey I find this offensive.”
Other Cunt: “Fuck up, cunt.”
by UndedMeowth September 8, 2018
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Something you say when someone pisses you off so much you would rather die . I like to yell at my mom like this . . .
by Fundipz5000 April 10, 2017
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