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Shashwat (n.): A rare kind of male, who possesses god-like levels of strength, speed, and endurance. It is not uncommon that these people are also virtuosos of music, the arts and advanced mathematics and science. They are world renowned for their attractiveness, and sex-appeal, and their humor is appealing to people from all walks of life. Those who are lucky enough to have encountered a Shashwat, let alone know one, are truly blessed indeed.
Person 1: Man, I feel like I could run a thousand miles while composing great works of art AND debunking Einstein! Im so pumped! It’s a Shashwat kind of feeling you know?
Person 2: Dude, have you even met one? They can actually do all that, AND more.

by Sasquatch Timetodie January 23, 2006
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Refers to a person who will annoyingly follow you and think you're their friend. But, they're so pathetic that you will feel sorry for them and don't have the courage to tell them you're not their friend. They think everyone is their friend when they really aren't...and a shashwat thinks that just because they play a sport they are very good at it. Not true.
Oh my gosh that Shashwat is so annoying! Why can't he just move to a different school??
by Lunar and Jazon May 20, 2008
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A big guzzly bear that masturbates even in a restaurant. He usually tickles your nipples and tugs at your penis.
Who's that goon wanking off in Big Chill?

Oh he's such a Shashwat.
by cuteboy175 January 13, 2011
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someone who stresses out over every little thing
dude 1 "shit man, don't be a shashwat"
dude 2 "dude, like, my sperm is green, like wtf"
dude 1 "chill it probably just means you're the incredible hulk"
dude 2 "safe"
by VishuBaby May 15, 2010
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Someone who is useless in this world and is just taking up space
Look, there is a Shashwat over there
by vampire7A December 16, 2014
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A male that fails at everything in life. They die sad, unaccomplished and alone.
Shashwat sucks.
by DddSpawn October 05, 2018
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