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A fuck fest is what happens in a new, intimate relationship which includes days of sex, usually of the 'I just met you sex vs. make love' sex. At the end of a fuck fest, you appear jacked up, with messy hair, coconut oil everywhere, starving, but happy.
What did you do this weekend? Your hair is a floppy mess...
"Oh had a fuck fest... new BF"
Ah... got it.
by Fun&Nice May 27, 2016
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When two or more people get together and experience every sexual position known in a single night
Craig : So how did it go last night did you get laid?
Chad : You bet I went to Kiersten's apartment and we had a regular fuckfest I doubt if she can even walk straight today!
Craig : Damn dude how are you so lucky!
Chad : Well It's not really luck it's just my 14 inch cock that drives the girls wild!
Kelli : Hey Chad wanna stop by my place tonight and have a fuckfest?
Chad : Sure babe but I have to take care of business at Sara's first!
Kelli: Oh boy can't wait see ya later big boy!
Chad : Ya see Craig girls just love a big cock!
Craig : Wow wish I had A 14 inch cock!
by SlopNChop February 09, 2017
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can be an orgy or just a shitload of sex between two people
My neighbors had a fuckfest last night, they went for over 6 hours
by Paul S.W. November 04, 2006
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A sexual marathon involving two or more people. Generally involves more than one partner.
Man! I was banged twenty women last night. It was a total "fuck fest"!
by Champ February 21, 2002
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1.n.- a party or gathering of people, with the express purpose of having sex with various partners. Syn.- orgy

2.n.- A party or gathering of people where no sex will actually occur, but called a "fuckfest" for the express purpose of making other people believe or think of an orgy.
1. "The bear had an idea: Fuckfest!"

2. "Dude, bring over some hotdogs and a case of root beer, because this is going to be the coolest fuckfest ever!"
by theDefiner December 03, 2004
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A really fucking annoying and or frustrating situation involving five or more people in a small space.
when trying top leave the movie theater, a 400 pound man tripped causing a serious fuck-fest for the people behing him
by anitasquatch horgan February 22, 2008
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