An expression of desire to vacate a premises immediately due to said location being or having become intolerable for any reason.
"They're playing Dixie Chics? Fuck this noise! We're leaving."

"We're outnumbered 6 to 1 and under heavy fire. Fuck this noise! RETREAT!"

First known popular culture reference is when Dan Ackroyd used the phrase while being beaten by the "Penguin" in the 1980 film The Blues Bros.
by bernie farber June 30, 2009
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Yet another way of saying, "I don't fucking think so" or "no fucking way, Jose".
"Stupid-ass Kevin said that it would help if I rubbed mayonaise on my chest. Man, fuck that noise."
by M240guy June 28, 2004
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phrase used to dismiss something that's stupid or that you shouldn't bother yourself with (Southern U.S.)
Girl: Tim brought his new girlfriend to my house last night.
Friend: Fuck that noise! You know he's just doing it to make you jealous!
by S.S. Quita April 03, 2005
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FTN. Slang for "that's rediculous", or "I'm not buying it".
The autoshop wanted to charge extra for putting air in the tires... I said, "Fuck that noise. I'm not paying for air."
by Btbullet January 02, 2017
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A phrase used specifically to indicate your dismissal of a particular statement, event, or viewpoint.

It is used to categorize something as noise, primarily. As if something is not even valid enough to be considered having a form. In reference to a viewpoint, it would indicate it's validity being on par with random noise.

As anyone would, with some random noise blaring out of a speaker, "fuck that", is expressive of a desire to mute it.
Bob is really heated about _______ and _______ at a party. He begins to express his concerns, until someone proclaims "Fuck that noise you are blabbering about" . Laughter follows.
by SeroJ November 14, 2015
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1. Another way of saying, "Fuck that shit" When you disagree with someone.
Girl: Hey want to go see Twilight: Breaking Dawn??

Guy: Fuck that noise!

Girl: What is that suppose to mean?!

Guy: it means, whatever noise you just made....Fuck it!
by tooYokedforThis December 01, 2011
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If you feel strongly against something or a very deep hatred for event in question. Fuck that noise is a way of saying no chance, no way an event is "going down"
Matt: Jay man, let's hit up The OC this weekend?
Jay: Fuck that noise, too many chochs...
Matt: Word, fuckin lames...
by King Jay March 10, 2008
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