Used to tell someone to go fuck themselves. Also refer to Acronym. FTG
Kyle and John were eating at a restaurant when Jason, the waiter, stopped by to boast about his flare. Fuck that guy.
by johniebravo October 2, 2009
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the word fuck fall guys is a easy think to understand! You use it when you need to!
by PurpleSmartBean June 21, 2022
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a guy that fucks above his station in life.
Dude, did you see that babe he was with? She is hot AND her dad owns Hilton. He is such a fuck up guy.
by :)Mnky February 16, 2010
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Having dangerous unprotected sex with homeless guys. Mostly done for charity.
I'm fucking homeless guys to boost up my resume for applying for a job at a local non profit.
by pinsandneedles October 7, 2009
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Phrase. The first words that usually exit my mouth whenever I discover Urban Dictionary editors chose not to publish my submission. Also applicable when directed to your crappy football team, kids who won't let you into their secret club, and your television when you're drunk and Erin Esurance won't make out with Keira Knightley.
Urban Dictionary editors chose NOT to publish your submission which you worked very hard on. Instead, they have killed all your friends and burned down a pet cemetary. Ha-ha.
by Rusty Was Here January 24, 2007
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A statement expressed in a pissed off tone to a person whose action(s) has caused great anger due to his idiotic attempt at gaining attention
"This fucking guy! Comes to my house and eats all my food, then leaves."
by Legion36963 February 3, 2012
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someone who got lucky, or someone who is so arrogant or stupid that you can't believe how successful he is.
usually used amongst friends, but can be used on a person who you can't believe is such an asshole, but you don't want to show too much disrespect.
1.look at this fucking guy, he just won 10,000 bucks in the lotto.

2."yo, i just got my dick sucked for 3 hours last nite, haha!"
"you fucking guy! how do you always get these bitches and i dont?"
by scottie k December 15, 2007
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