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Acronym. "Fuck That Guy"
Jason and I were chatting in the office when Kyle came in to announce his promotion. FTG. (Fuck That Guy)
by johniebravo October 02, 2009
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Cajun term. Prank. The act of performing a bare-ass fart at or on someone's face who is either unconscious (sleeping) or not paying attention. The significance of a Shimmeashammasheaux versus a traditional bare-ass fart is that the originator unintentionally shats all over the victom's face in an explosive and most commonly diarrhetic performance. This leaves the victim with a pursuant anger, and the originator performing a prank that has "gone all wrong." Normally extraordinarily entertaining to other parties involved, and a story the victim never lives down.
My friend passed out last night and got Shimmeashammasheaux'd all over his face. It was ridiculous!
by johniebravo March 24, 2009
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n. A singular word that is used to refer to the conglomerate Myspace.com and Facebook.com.

Traditionally used by those who are unfamiliar with these social networking tools or to make fun of these social networking websites.

In retrospect most users have both a Myspace and Facebook account that are checked regularly and this singular term can identify both uses of the social networking sites.
Did you see what Bob posted in his Myfacespace?


My kids won't get off the computer they keep messing with some Myfacespace crap.
by johniebravo March 24, 2009
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Used to tell someone to go fuck themselves. Also refer to Acronym. FTG
Kyle and John were eating at a restaurant when Jason, the waiter, stopped by to boast about his flare. Fuck that guy.
by johniebravo October 02, 2009
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