Sarah asked me if I was going down the shore with dirty Vasil and I said "Fuck Right!"
by Anna Mann October 13, 2007
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The acting of fucking right, is when you look up a ladder while having sex. It is quite dirty and not for children to see but is worthwhile for creeps that click on this sort of stuff like you. You should try it some time!
You:Hey man, I just saw some guy fuck right!
Your friend:Oh god, you banged her up a ladder? DAMN!
by Surfing Bird April 17, 2010
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1. An exclamation of delight

2. Being in agreement with someone else's happy news

(Have heard it used in Canada, not sure about elsewhere)
1. "Ooooh I just won 500 bucks in the lottery...fucking rights!"

2. "hey, I just won the lottery."
--"oh Fuking RIghts man..."
by Steven April 13, 2005
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It still means fuck off, but it’s a fuck off on steroids with its fists clenched, eyes staring and a snarl on its lips. But that’s not the end of it, you can be told to “ most definitely fuck right off”, where in addition to staring and snarling with its fists clenched sweating and trembling with anticipation for the tiny trigger that will let it rip your head off and shit down your neck. There are numerous other variations until you are told to “most fucking definitely fucking well fuck right fucking off”. If this sound incoherent it’s because it is; you are now faced with a berserk, ninja vampire with titanium talons and diamond teeth who is a hairsbreadth away from howling chaos and the total destruction of you, your family and all your ancestors so that you become not even a memory.
by AKACroatalin April 26, 2015
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Saying that expresses a feeling of happiness, joy, or excitement. Also meant to be said while giving a "pound" Created and patented by Ryan Pazier.

NDPazier28: and i patent the phrase fucking right doggy
by Brek October 10, 2005
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An expression used after performing a type of sexual act on a female.
Girl: Mmmmmm....that was amazing....
Boy: Fucking right doggy!
by Anthony and Greg February 18, 2005
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