What basically every-non-American in the world says when referring to the American imperialist way, capitalist pig and douche consumptionist fat attitude and culture.
Americunt: "Get gud spicy." Or "Should've wasted more money in that cpu of yours".

You: "Fuck America you nasty piglet piece of shit."

American: *In shock and surprise*
"Wh-aaat. Where you from ?"
*Proceeds to report, immediately looking for ways to backstab you*
by HmmkkAmericabooboo May 18, 2019
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What Americans are always surprised to hear the rest of the world regularly says. Mostly because they don't know who "the rest of the world" is.
The Rest of the World: "Fuck America!"
America: "Who the fuck said that?"
by Gwaihir May 7, 2006
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What Hawaiians say everytime they are reminded that their Nation was illegally overthrown by a country who had many treaties of friendship, trade, travel and commerce, and who formally recognized it's independence as a Sovereign Nation among the family of nations, yet continued to annex Hawaii while not even remotely concerned about the people, land and the culture they would destroy, just to have a military presence in the Pacific. Do a search for the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii if you don't believe me.
Another Sacred burial site destroyed due to military expansion. "Fuck america!"

Another Hawaiian family evicted, forced to live on the beach. "Fuck america!"

Selling land that doesn't belong to you. "Fuck america!"

When the americans first took over, they banned our own language in schools and used to physically discipline Hawaiians for speaking their own language. "Fuck america!"

Need I say more?
by Keliiaumoana June 21, 2007
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What many non-Americans say when America is mentioned. This is mostly not because of what America does, but what it is - sitting on top of the world, and squashing it all beneath it's rolls of Big-mac fat. The American people are ordinary people living ordinary lives - that's why the phrase is "Fuck America"! and not "Fuck The Americans"!
TV: And in other news, the Americans have messed up in Iraq again ... The World (especially Iraq): Fuck America!
by SNugget September 3, 2007
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A: What people say when they now see Iraq and Afghanistan on TV.
B: What we say when we go pay our taxes
C: What Bush probably says behind closed doors and in lavish parties when he gets drunk.
D: What Indians would NEVER say to a non-Indian.
E: What Beavis and Butthead say when they are caught for doing stuff like shitting and puking and masturbating on freeways and in school and malls
Cop: get down on your hands you ugly kids! snowblowing in the public is against American law!
Beavis: yeah.. hehe..Fuck America..shit..fuck..grr..fucking America!
by John Peekaboo August 6, 2006
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A general consensus for a feeling towards America in Western Europe. Most hatred comes from their sheer arrogance and belief they one WW1&WW2. Generally considered bogus by anyone with some form of education. Particular dislike among British who lost hundreds of thousands in both wars and had fought from the start to the end of each war. Unlike American counterparts. Often used to show disdain around American involvement in WW2. America's late entry in this theater often depict's them joining out of 'doing the right thing' when in fact they only acted out of self interest. Whereas British acted on the invasion of Poland. Often use in conjunction with ludicrous American Foreign Policy.
"Johnny come latelys Fuck America"
by HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM222 August 10, 2015
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A struggle to understand American people's arrogance, in spite of intelligence.
Fuck America For considering that joining a war only when you are dragged into it constitutes saving the world.

Oh...my...God! Pearl Harbbour! Well we must have been in this war for years! Let's make it all about us now! Learn: The war was there before you found it, and won after you left it!
by wheezychaplin March 27, 2008
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