Fuc#ed up beyond all regocniton
This thing is fubar man
by Spud1467 July 15, 2008
A slang acronym/term used by Allied soldiers in WWII.


FUBAR may have been influenced by the German word furchtbar, meaning terrible. (soft cht)
Mellish: Fucked up beyond all recognition.
Upham: FUBAR.

Nagasaki was FUBAR after "Fat-Man" was dropped.
by higginshu March 3, 2008
Fucked up beyond all recoginition
After 15 accidents in 4 miles, the driving instructor said to the student, I don't know which is more FUBAR, you or the car.
by Sam the Sham August 1, 2006
I know it a little different:
Like when you try to save some money on a tune up and, in the process of doing it yourself, break your distributor body and, in the process of putting in a new distributor got the timing all out of place so the car won't run and breaks down twenty miles from home in the middle of the night. In that instance you would tell the towtruck driver "Well, I guess I fubar'd that damn thing (At least that's what I told my tow truck driver when I did it).
by jehjeh3711 March 20, 2009
Fucked Up Beyond Any Recognition. Term largely used during the 1940s-1950s and in the military. Used to refer to a person or object that has been destroyed or hurt in such a way that it is barely or none at all recognizable.

Might also apply to Fucked Up Beyond Any Reason, which refers to a person who has discredited all use of reasoning or making irreparable decisions.
-"Where's Johnny?"
-"FUBAR, scattered around the top of the hill."
by Llortz June 25, 2014
FUBARING is the process or continued result of fucking up beyond all recognition something that the majority of people find to be fine the way it is. Hence if something is not broke don't try to fix it.

FUBARING can also come from excessive partying or the lack of doing anything constructive.
Facebook is continually fubaring it's page layout to the chagrin of it's members who would rather it stay the way it was originally.

The college students who continually went out every night drinking and carousing were fubaring their grades by not showing any concern for passing.
by soylentgreenchips February 9, 2010