That dude was on pills, smoke, drink, and some more s**t!! He was fubar. Couldn't function or anything!!
by kalebintexas May 18, 2009
Fucked up beyond all recognition/ repair.
A possible suffix: Bundy
Bundy: But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet
he took the grenade hard and now hes Fubar Bundy
by Shadee February 29, 2004
A military acronym used when things could not get any worse. Stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition - FUBAR.
" hot food, no warm beds, all night patrols, not enough equipment, and no beer in site. Damn...this mission is FUBAR."

"Crap, Sarge got hit with a mortar and is now FUBAR'ed."
by MAB91c December 10, 2009
(1) Fucked up beyond all recognition
(2) Canadian indie film about two headbangers
It's my last night in town, so let's get FUBAR tonight
by nicoleishot September 3, 2010
Isn't there anyone left who remembers World War II where this acronym originated?

FUBAR=Fucked Up By Army Regulations

The other great acronym from that war is also now part of the language:
SNAFU=Situation Normal All Fucked Up
"This is an outfit where Fubar is King!"
by charlie castle May 15, 2006
That car was in an accident. It is fubar!
That guy was assaulted so badly. the doctor said he was fubar..
by drdolittle September 21, 2010