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A game, where you get 4 of your friends, mostly guys, or girls who can squirt, where you all jack off into a hat(top hat is preferable), and the last person to cum, or the person who can't cum into the hat has to wear the hat in resembling a melting snow man.
Me and the guys played Frosty The Snowman last night, it wasn't fun.
by Tuxedo Ray April 07, 2013
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1. The sexual act of a woman taking 3 loads in her ass and then shoving a carrot up there. Followed by a rabbit.
Tom & Dick: "We found an old carrot."
Harry: "And I've got a rabbit!"

"And when they shoved it up her ass, she began to prance around, Frosty the Snowman."
by billebllunt December 08, 2013
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1. n. (slang) Bukkake. 2. n. (slang) The act of covering a woman entirely with seminal fluid. (abbr.: Frosty)
The fraternity completed Jan's Frosty the Snowman by placing a black silk hat on her head and sticking a corncob pipe in her mouth.
by Tom Zappacosta December 17, 2003
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Doing the Cold Henry, but when you are finished, you leave it in there to let it melt.
Jane thought she had diarrhea, but she rememberd that her boyfriend gave her a Cold Henry earlyer. She then dumped him for not informing her about the Frosty the Snow Man.
by TNTwandy January 29, 2006
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When having sex with a chick, pull out and insert your favorite flavored Popsicle into the vagina. thus having vag flavored as you like. precede to fuck her with the Popsicle until she cums or the Popsicle completely melts.
proceed to eat out favorite flavor.
Clement gave Elenor the Frosty the Snowman this weekend hiking.
by DU4thFloorSouth October 01, 2009
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1.)When you create a snow penis and fornicate yourself with it.

2. When you fuck a girl in the snow and bury her ugly face in it.

3. When you make a hole in the snow and fuck the hole...with ur teeny weeny.
1.Jaime: bro, last night it snowed, i couldn't believe it so i got up and had a frosty the snowman!
Wheels: NICE!!

2. Randy: Dude, how was ur date last night?

Tyrone: Aww man, did you see the blizzard outside. She thought it would be cool to get a frosty the snowman!

Randy: You sick fuck!

3. Do you like Frosty the snowman?! The cartoon? How old are you?

by Tsunami Jaime February 24, 2008
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