Term used for a freshman house party at some Midwestern schools.
"Hey, Brittany, are you going to the frosh later? I heard they're gonna have wine bags and Barton's!"
by Doctorgaythanson February 19, 2020
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Frosh cough is a “sickness” or type of “cold” that majority of university students get in September (when school starts). Frosh week is typically the beginning of school week to party and other year students not just year 1 partake in this nonstop partying. As a result of no sleep, lots of drinking and sharing of juuls.. frosh cough develops and no one can escape it
Person 1: “I can’t go to class I have mad frosh cough

Person 2: “no way I had that last week it sucks
by Ms.baksi September 30, 2021
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a dumbass way to say that a group of freshman in high school or college get into a fight and woop beat the shit out of each other.
The frosh fight started by the annoying freshman boy called a fight but the result of the ended up with the other freshman boy kicking his ass
by NiggerFaggotPussyBoner July 25, 2017
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It's a season where experienced 4th year undergrads and masters and Ph.Ds start showing froshes how to survive in university through their many years of experience.
Frosh SEason: Ph.D student: Wanna head to my place and study up on molecular biology?
Mary Kate Olsen: SURE
by budger August 27, 2006
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