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V. To look like you are doing something for multiple hours, while accomplishing absolutely nothing.
Johny piddled around in the sink all day, but the dishes are still dirty.
by Doctorwheauxdat April 01, 2011
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A mix of puddle and pissed. A nice term to describe a dog taking a pee. Often used in excess while potty training a puppy.
Little Ruby the poodle piddled on her newspaper.

Did she piddle on her walk?

She snuck off and did a piddle on the carpet.
by Pooksie December 14, 2010
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To Piddle, is to Finger a girl, or play with your own bits and pieces.

Stimulation via the fingers.
My friend piddles his girl at the wrong times. And has earned the nick name Piddler on Roof, Or Batman's arch nemesis, the Piddler.
by Ramooooooonnnnneeee April 11, 2007
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