V. To look like you are doing something for multiple hours, while accomplishing absolutely nothing.
Johny piddled around in the sink all day, but the dishes are still dirty.
by Doctorwheauxdat April 1, 2011
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Little kid word for urine; the act of urinating.
I have to make piddle; Shut up while I piddle.
by Chodeser January 23, 2003
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the act of peeing a little bit because of so much laughter
I laughed so hard I think I just piddled.
by thepiddler September 8, 2011
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to urinate (a euphemism for piss, see also pee)
I have to piddle before we leave.
by Light Joker September 27, 2005
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To pee.
There was some piddle on the ground.
by Romi330 February 23, 2018
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A mix of puddle and pissed. A nice term to describe a dog taking a pee. Often used in excess while potty training a puppy.
Little Ruby the poodle piddled on her newspaper.

Did she piddle on her walk?

She snuck off and did a piddle on the carpet.
by Pooksie December 14, 2010
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To, how you say, piss your pants.
Only a little bit though
Enough to be cute, something to laugh about

A miniscule, adorable amount of urine released into the pants.
"Omgz.. I just piddled in my panties."

"Kristen, did you just make a piddle?"
by Fatigan February 14, 2007
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