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A 'facebook-rookie'. a.k.a, a person who is new to, or unskilled at, facebook. These people are often making mistakes such as accidentally setting a status of a post that they tried to put on their friends wall, or getting confused with notifications.
Dude, have you talked to that girl yet?" "Nah, mate, I can't talk to her." "Why not?" "I'm a frookie..."
by Braddeerlly and Kathryn November 14, 2010
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A strange combination of fruit and cookies in the same family of a Fig Newton only much less popular and invented by a jerk.
In my diet I am allowed 2 "frookies" for dessert, whoopdie doo!
by Rob October 11, 2004
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Frookie, a portmanteau used in the UK meaning "Freedom-Cookie" as a mocking of the USA movement to rename french fries Freedom Fries.
"Your commie-terrorist-hippie 'cookies' disgust me, here have a Frookie instead!"
by Elmo A November 05, 2006
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