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1. proper noun. An online Big Brother and Survivor game.

2. adjective. Anything, usually a website, that consumes the otherwise normal, socially-functioning lives of the patrons who visit it.

3. noun. A mental disorder found commonly amongst adolescent homosexual men and asian girls whereby one's immediate goals involve mindless staring at a computer screen. Also known as Click-Scroll-Refresh syndrome.

4. noun. A homosexual love fest. A perversion of the phrase "ten gays".

Alexxandra: "I better get first HoH, or I will be evicted from my game on Tengaged."


Bro #1: "Hey bro, let's go bro out... you know. We can play some Wii, grill shit, and watch some porn."
Bro #2: "Nah bro. I'm all about this tengaged shit I just found. Bust a nut for me tho."


Mother: "He's just so abnormally antisocial.. is it because he is gay?"
Doctor: "He only appears to be antisocial. He's actually famous online... The poor lad suffers from Tengaged syndrome."


Boy #1: "Let's play Tengaged."
Boy #2: "We need to find 8 more gays, then."
by puma face December 17, 2009
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A subliminal message for the outcasted, traning antisocial teenagers to together join forces and create an army of bitchy homosexuals that will bring new world order to the peple of obama. Subliminal messages include "SLAY" and "HOE YAS"
Man 1 : My PeePee is tingling!!
Man 2 : Wanna go on Tengaged and make Lemjam mad? ;)
Man 1 *whips it out* im ready!
by MrPancakezx September 20, 2015
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Tengaged, the first “Reality Social Network” offers a new type of social experiences and emotions. By merging together specific game mechanics similar to those found in “reality TV shows” into our social network we provide not only a new way to meet new people and interact with your friends, but also drama, backstabbing, betrayals, gossip and extreme situations which will prove a real friendship and alliances. Every action becomes social and part of the game at the same time, wether you’re writting your blog, creating a new design for your avatar, managing a group, voting, rating or betting for your friends, bidding for an auction, buying items or enrolling into eviction games similar to Big Brother and Survivor. You do not have laser guns or magic swords, your only weapons are your social skills, just like in real life. This is not the perfect world of Facebook, and surely you won’t have 3 million friends in your profile as in My Space, this is Tengaged, this is different, this is the first online “reality” experience…

Major alliances on tengaged include

The Cliq
Kaba Hills
The Coalition?
Let's go play casting on tengaged!
by dumberbitch July 23, 2010
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