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Pronounced "frawntin". A Scottish variation on "Frotting".
See Frotting and Groove or Grooving.

Non-penetrating sex. Rubbing the genitals on another person's body. Often accompanied with large amounts of oil, the popularity gave rise to "Mazola oil parties". While "frotting" has a non-consensual connotation, "frontting" normally meant a consensual orgy.

Although may slang expressions never make it into print, "frontting" can be heard clearly in the orignal release of the Donavan song "Mellow Yellow".

Donovan's song "Mellow Yellow" contains the line "I'm just mad about frontting". Fronting was a pupular gay-male form of sex, and this caused a concern about Donovan's image in the U.S., so on his American tours, he used "fourteen", which was enigmatic enough until he added "fourteen year old girls", which again caused a ruckus. His PR took care of it by explaining that Donavan had a huge fan base of fourteen year old girls and he was merely stating that just as they loved him, he loved them.

"Mellow yellow" may refer to saffron oil margarine, (supported by the line "I'm just mad about saffron,") while "electrical bannana" may refer to a dildo. It is likely that this was not a drug related song, as once believed, but a group sex "frontting" song. The background lyrics "quite right, slick", seems to support the claim.
(Lyrics) "I'm just mad about frontting, she's just mad about me."

Sam: "So, that chick really loves you, huh man?"
Dan: "She's a really groovy chick. I don't love her, but I love frontting her."
by Mr. E Fog November 21, 2010
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