The foremost position in an army or fleet advancing into battle; the foremost or leading position in a trend or movement; those occupying a foremost position.
The vanguard of the group led their whole military to victory.
by kasabian720 October 15, 2007
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verb; to ruin an eagerly anticipated product by prematurely pushing it to market in spite of known flaws and overall incompleteness, virtually assuring disaster and disappointment.
I agree that I want the game out soon, but that is secondary to having a quality product. Let's not have them 'Vanguard' this.
by NoDiceChicago October 15, 2007
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To trump or out perform one's peers. The action of being holistically better than a colleague.

A statement at the end of a rebuttal. Similar to being "owned".
Dave and Pat got vanguarded on the court, they were out matched completely.

Synonyms: owned, dominated, finished, raped, embarrassed.
by MrAwesome82 May 3, 2011
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An alliance on Evony that is a bunch of retarded farmers who have no sac whatsoever. This is proven by the lack of leadership and the excuses, with promises that never happen.
Don't pull a Vanguard, we've seen enough retarded things lately.
by Hmmz0rz August 19, 2010
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The nickname for The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency,which served, hence the name, to protect our country from the undead. Was first established in 1868, and was disbanded 1975, due to the major decrease of undead attacks.
Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency (FVZA),, also known as "the Vanguard," was responsible for controlling the nation's vampire and zombie populations while overseeing scientific research into the undead.(Taken from
by BenjaminH February 26, 2006
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an absolute cain0r @ cs.
"Phwoar! I wish I ripped it as much as vanGuard."
by Anonymous August 9, 2003
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Trash call of duty game , only needs play
Yo you wanna play cold war nobody likes Vanguard
by COD OFFICAL January 15, 2022
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