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Friendshit is when you are doing EPIC, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, UNFORGETTABLE, TOTALY RAD, HOODRAT things with your friends!
We are all going up to Red Rocks to do friendshit!
by Suerta_Rican October 03, 2013
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A shitty friendship. A friendship that is destructive and non-beneficial. A relationship with someone who is terrible at being a friend.
After canceling our plans again, I knew that what Michael and I had, was a total friendshit.
by krey13 October 06, 2009
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Like a frenemy, or a foul-weather friend a friendshit only calls when they have a problem, you won't hear anything from them when their life is good by their own definition.
Generally a friendshit is shit at being a friend
Helen is such a friendshit, she only calls me when she is single and or unemployed
by Claire G April 13, 2008
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When someone you know thinks they're friends with you but they really aren't.
"Fred is my colleague at work. We have a friendshit.
by fricking hECK December 22, 2017
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When you are a true friend with someone who is desperately searching for anything wrong you do to end your friendship
Abbey: Me and amber are not friends anymore

Anne: omg why?
Abbey: because I told her that I don’t like her taste of clothes which I believe it didn’t hurt her but she asked people about me and tried to end our friendship because I have a bad past
Anne: that’s a real friendshit there
by 11.ask July 17, 2018
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The relationship of two frenemies, or you and someone who you don't like, who thinks that you are their friend.
Hey John, I just want you to know that I hate you in a friendly way.

I do too David. I guess we have a friendshit now.
by Cabanerie September 30, 2016
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