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by The_Kickster November 13, 2019

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A bug or quirk in a video game that can be used to gain an advantage.
Using an exploit you can get a head start before the pre-game timer finishes.
by The_Kickster April 21, 2020

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A passive player in TF2. They will not hurt the enemy team, and will often use group taunts and voice commands.
I was going to kill that Heavy, but I realized they were a friendly.
by The_Kickster September 20, 2019

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When someone speaks gibberish in the nature of a Keysmash.
Guy 1 : Hey man, you look stupid!
Guy 2 : (Verbal Keysmash)
by The_Kickster December 03, 2018

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Passable with no otherwise outstanding qualities.
The joke made me chuckle; it's functional.
by The_Kickster March 05, 2020

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