The night you will most likely die.
Girl 1: Ok time to die!
Girl 2: Wait what!!!!
Girl 1: It’s Friday the 13th.

Girl 2: Oh yeah
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It happens to be one of my favorite day of the year, i get so many nice visitors down here at the lake, but they all run off after i try to "explain my habits" that shall not be named. but its an overall good day.
-Jason Vorhees
Friday the 13th is the day i like to come out and play with friends.
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by That Crystal Lake Guy October 18, 2020
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A horror movie where a masked murderer kills unsuspecting teenagers.
Hey, did you catch Friday The 13th at the DVD store? It’s pretty fucking scary..
by YungWordBoi November 21, 2019
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The most amazing day of the year! And most likely when Jason Voorhees will murder you!
*Friday the 13th*
by Teagan the syrup goblin June 19, 2020
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