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A day termed "unlucky" made up by a bunch of people back in the ancient days because they had so much free time back then.

Any day can be just as bad Friday the 13th. The reason why it's perhaps so unluky is mainly due to psychological factors which influences humans to act "unlucky" that day or to look out and emphasize for "unlucky" things.

Also see hivemind.
by hak December 07, 2007
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Is just another day. Seriously, any day can be an unlucky day. Stop believing this superstitious shit, just move on.
Tom was worried because his might got rear-ended in his new Escalade tomorrow. And tomorrow is Friday 13th. Realizing it was a bad day, he consulted voodoo expert to keep him off bad omen.
by chrno August 13, 2010
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The most unlucky day in the calendar. Justified fear of this day is called paraskevidekatriaphobiaor friggatriskaidekaphobia. You could get run over, your house could burn down, you could run into a long-lost evil boyfriend, or you could fall down a flight of stairs and subsequently die of neumonia.
Shit, it's fuckin Friday 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's no fuckin way I'm gettin out of bed!
Oh, jeeeez, I just choked on my own phlegm.
by Paraskevidekatriaphobiac February 13, 2004
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