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If you are a frez you are a minecraft player who uses to gain attention. A frez also edates a ton of egirls and has a very small pp. As a frez, you are typically blacklisted on,, etc. A frez gets all the peng egirls.
"You heard about Curtis? He's such a Frez."
by Glqmorous May 30, 2018
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When someone 'borrows' money from you and says that they will pay you back, but waits for a long time until you stop asking, and then never pays you back.
That whore over there Frezzed me of my money
by Alucard February 12, 2005
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n. The hair between your belly button and your genitals.
v. To rub one's frez against another's frez
n. ex. You can tell I'm a man because my frez is bigger than yours.

v. ex. Those retards are actually frezing, who the hell does that?
by Dietcool December 10, 2011
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