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the ocean under the world's normal oceans in which the frez/fresnel/nel's use to travel. it was first discovered when the ancient fresnel's had to depart from their ancient land of freslovskia after being attacked by atilla.
It was so sad how the fresnels had to leave their homeland because of stupid atilla.

Yeah, but at least they have those three gills on their back so they could swim in the frez ocean to a new country.
by 511q d00d April 14, 2005
the doctor who studied fresnology in college and can find and treat any fresnel complications. (not when speaking of the species fresnel)
The fresnologist told me I have cancer of the fresnel. I only have two years to live.
by 511q d00d April 14, 2005
An immigrant from the deteriorating country of Freslovskia. When they lived on the island, they were a species called fresnel.
Either a Fres or a Nel. Very rare creatures.
That was definitely an ancient Freslovskian!!

You can tell he's not a Fres and is a Nel by checking his teeth.
by 511q d00d April 13, 2005
The study medically of anything to do with fresnels.

2. The study of the fres people, the nel people, and their predecessor, the ancient fresnel species.
Do you know what a fresnologist would study to get his degree?

Fresnology, duh.
by 511q d00d April 14, 2005
freslovskian, land of frez,
1. An ancient people/species who once populated the land of freslovskia. They were driven out by atilla and forced apart into two seperate groups to later be called the fres and the nel.
Sland terms to refer to the fresnel are:frez and sometimes frezzie. The fresnel are an endangered species that you can usually find around Harlem, NY. They are oftentimes confused as small children, as they never grow larger than 2 feet tall and also walk on all fours. They are rabid creatures with no reproductive organs and considered especially dangerous when placed in domestic situations.
2. Also, the word fresnel, or any variations of the word can be used to refer to any body part.
7. Can also replace any noun, verb, or adjective, even adverbs.
1. Yesterday, I was driving through Harlem and I thought a baby ran out into the middle of the road! It turned out just to be a frez.
2. I had an itch on my fresnel the other day. It turned out to be a tumor. After visiting the fresnologist, I learned that I have cancer of the fresnel and will have less than two weeks to live.
3. After eating soup hastily, I was left with some frez on my face.
4. I totally frezz'ed that bitch.
5. Stop being so frez douchebag.
6. You are such a frezzing retard.
by 511q d00d April 13, 2005
see land of frez.
The ancient island that the frez once inhabited. (I'm not sure if I'm using inhabited correctly).
Have you ever seen a wild fres around?
Don't they still inhabit the land of frez, freslovskia?
Atilla took over. It was tragic.
by 511q d00d April 13, 2005
fresnel, fres, land of frez, fresnology.

One half of the ancient fresnel people. The Nel are very rare in America. The more common fres are considered more dangerous though.
Did you catch a look at that Nel??!!

Wow. No.
by 511q d00d April 14, 2005