5 definitions by Alucard

When someone 'borrows' money from you and says that they will pay you back, but waits for a long time until you stop asking, and then never pays you back.
That whore over there Frezzed me of my money
by Alucard February 13, 2005
Squivesh Skwi-vish: A combination of feeling sick and squeezing your buttcheeks together. 9/10 times involves a really ugly fat chick. (See Fugly)
That girl is so ugly, she made me Squivesh.
by Alucard February 1, 2005
He knows whether you have been playing Castlevania!
I see that you have played Castlevania. --Psycho Mantis
by Alucard January 27, 2005
Vampire Blow Job.

Featured in the second episode of the greatest show of all time, Hellsing.
Dude! She just gave him a VBJ. Ouch.
by Alucard July 15, 2004
Anime from Japan starring the dark hero Alucard (Arucard in Japanese). Fights vampires for the HellSing orgization.
Hey did you see HellSing Last night?
by Alucard March 22, 2003