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The best little town in queens, ny which is the home of the famous “fresh meadows stationary”, this is a deli that is owned by Indian dickheads who will trip out if you are 8 cents short. This town used to be dominated by Asians but has now been taken over by Pakistani immigrants. It is the home to fresh meadows shopping center which is run by a bunch of franny niggas after school hours. You’ll usually find a group of kids hanging out in the area acting like “thugs” but they are nothing to worry about. Also you’ve never been to fresh meadows if you haven’t tried halal boyz.
Person 1:Where you live at bro?
Person 2:Fresh meadows bro

Person 1: oh nahh that’s some ghetto ass place
by Lilmoe18 July 20, 2019
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aka "fresh ghetto". Its a hood in queens filled with the most ghetto asians, spanish, and jews you'll ever find. Theres union turnpike, utopia parkway, francis lewis boulevard, cunningham park, 173 park, jewel park. Napoli's pizza is the best pizza around. Theres francis lewis high school and saint francis prep. It's right next to Jamacia Estates. It looks like the projects. There aren't that many gangs present but people usually make their own gangs. Its pretty quiet and chill but there is always mad beef or drama happening.
yo we out to fresh meadows?
nah you buggin last time i was there i got jumped
by fukouttahereee January 25, 2018
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fresh meadows. the best hood of queens, aka "fresh ghettos" you'll meet some ghetto blacks, asians, hispanics, and sometimes white people. Fresh meadows has jewel park, 173, 26. Franics lewis is the best highschool here, filled with bloods (most are fake tho) saint francis prep are where all the smart asses are in. jhs 216 is were all the "wanna be gangsters" 6,7,8 graders. You'll make alot of friends here. fresh meadows is usually pretty chill and not a lot of gangs. but they are crips/ bloods here, or usually they make up their own gangs here. but nothing to worry about just shit ton of drama. During school times you'll be in the most croweded areas afterschool near franny and jhs 216 and sometimes you'll see fights every once in a while. Fresh meadows has kohls, five guys, apple bess, etc. Someone building you will see here look like projects but none of them are.
"yo bro wtw?"
"we out to fresh meadows"
"isnt that near franny and all that shit?"
"yeah bro"
"oh aii bet lets pull up"
by kingoffresh August 19, 2019
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a.k.a Fesh Ghetto. Queens neighborhood that strechs from Francis Lewis Boulevard to Utopia Parkway and from Union Turnpike to Kissena and Peck Park. 173, Jewel, and 26 are the illest paces to chill and Fu-Long Deli has the best sandwiches. Everyone knows Lewis and prep are the best high schools in queens. Napoli's is the best pizzareia and union has Yummy Taco the best mexican food around. Even though we got a lot of Jews and Asians, Fresh Meadows is the illest little hood in all of queens. Anybody come to Fresh ghetto and fuk around 173 or Jewel i will personally fuk u up.
"Yo, There's a prep game tonight wanna go?"

"Nah i got jumped last time i was in Fresh Meadows!"
by 4NeTo5 February 06, 2008
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aka fresh meadows is literally one of the shittiest places in Queens, Ny. Full of losers and snobs, fresh meadows is mostly made up of rich jews or actual kids living in poverty who think they are the shit. the only good thing about fresh meadows is Brother Pizza (SHOUTOUT TO BROTHERS). If anyone asks me where I live, I say bayside because know one knows what the fuck fresh meadows is.
"Don't go to fresh meadows if you want to be alive the next day"
by snobbylegoeater October 14, 2019
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Fresh meadows is a hood in queens. It’s technically 1 neighborhood but it’s really not. There is a suburban part where they have some nice houses. Then you have the apartments. The apartments nick name is “fresh ghetto” it’s not super dangerous and not many gangs. People usually make there own groups and do shit like hit licks. I’m writing this bc I done seen a TikTok on “trash hoods in queens” and fresh meadows was the first one and the comments were talking about how fresh meadows have nice houses. THATS THE SUBURBS PART NOT THE HOOD. THE VIDOE CLEARLY SHOWED THE DAMN APARTMENTS SO SMD :) nah but fr word to my dead fresh meadows is ass. The kids that live in the burbs keep showing off. But if u live in the apartments it’s pretty cool. 71st crescent where i stay and it’s cool. Sum u don’t want to do is be out at night just standing there. But there is a big ass park next to the apartments thats coo. U can play ball bc there is a big court outside. Also trapping is VERY easy here. Another thing is the NYPD is always there but they always in all the hoods bc they annoying asf :) also there are a lot of crackheads here
Me: u tryin to come over

Friend: word where u live at
Me: fresh meadows apartments :)

Friend: nahhhhh I’m good
by Quando rondo May 18, 2021
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