An all boys high school located in La Cañada Flintridge California. Home of the Golden Nights, or also known as the Golden Shower Knights. St Francis is known to carry the rejects from elite high schools such as Loyola High School or Flintridge Prep. Most students will deny their rejection and call those schools “cocky and annoying.” Really they are just depressed as they were not admitted. St. Francis sports are among the worst in the country as the annoying students think they are the best of the best. The girls that attend the dances and games are desperate or have nothing to do. Overall, St Francis is not a place to send your boy. They develop a gay passion and usually end up dating and marrying their classmates.
Look at that’s St Francis boy he’s and idiot

Wow! He’s annoying he must go to St Francis.
by Hdjdibrjrrjr October 31, 2018
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The hospital Marist College students are sent to by security after drinking enough alcohol at the Loft or Toucan's to reclassify them as animals rather than humans. The typical student is either very proud of this or extremely ashamed, resulting in an exaggerated story on both counts.
"Dude, I was so crunked that security tried to send me St. Francis to get my stomach pumped, but I was like, 'Fuck that shit!' and punched the guy in the face."
by thedestroyerofworlds September 30, 2006
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St. Francis is the quintessence of all that is gay. I might also metion that they are rainbow kissers.
Loyola Guy: "St. Francis is so gay that their mascot is a sausage!"
by thefritobandito April 8, 2005
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Coming from a girl, a school with very ugly guys. Seriously, the hot guys either come from Poly, SPHS, or Loyola. SF guys may not all be gay, but they definitely aren't attractive.
Girl 1: Yeah, I heard she's dating -insert name here-.
Girl 2: Ewww, she's dating a St. Francis guy?!
Girl 1: Yeah, I know, she could do so much better.
by xoxogirlygirl February 3, 2010
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St. Francis is a school filled with young gentleman that love to blaze that chronic: they come to school high and leave school high eating all that is insight-also they are filthy rich so they can hook it up fat with dub sacks of chron, amen to those st.francis boys
Those st. franis boys love to blaze the trails!
by BTC till the day i die February 21, 2005
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St. Francis is one of the better private High Schools in LA County. It is centered toward theater, sports, religion, and academia. Loyola is the school that has for the past 29 years beat St. Francis until this year. Loyola students have knocked St. Francis forever and whenever a St. Francis student brings up the recent football win, he is considered to be an asshole by Loyola students. The men of St. Francis are much more sensitive than the average loyola student, and will always appear to in second to loyola. In reality, it is quite the opposite. St. Francis students have a much higher ratio of students getting into 4 year universities than that of loyola. Also, instead of being taught the philosophy of "survival of the fittest," like loyola students are, St. Francis uses the mentality of "what can we do to help?" Lifes happy at SF
Loyola Student:"Fuck you man, only Loyola rejects go to St. Francis"
St Francis Student:"Oh? The rejects that totally destroyed you this year in football?"
Loyola Student:"Fuck you asshole"
by jizz javelin November 25, 2009
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A school in the Los Angeles area. It has some weirdos and douchebags. Besides that the students are all bros. The sports teams are all very good(I`m not saying we`re the best at every sport, but they are very good) They have excellent theater programs, food(especially the breakfast burritos which I can write a page about) We strive to do good and show respect for everyone, We are good sports and our teachers are funny and great. We have stellar football games. Kids from all over LA come to school here. I`m not saying we are better than any other school in everything, but we are pretty top tier.
Girl : I`m not to Loyola`s dance tonight!

Saint Francis boy: have fun!

Girl: thanks!

later that week

SF boy: how was the dance?

Girl: it sucked, all the guys pictured us as objects and they were practically having sex with us with their clothes on!

SF boy: I`m sorry

Girl: it`s fine

Loyola boy: so are you coming to the SF dance

Girl: yeah

Loyola boy: why! those dudes are fags!

Girl: well at least those "fags" know how to treat a girl properly!

Loyola boy: whatever bitch I`ll just find another girl to try to get into her pants, I hate St. Francis!
by Kingofthewest September 28, 2011
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