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Just a gay ship originated from mcr
Frerard is very gay.
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by GeePutTheEmoInLemon June 22, 2018
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Gerard Way and Frank Iero showing a love for each other that is a little more than friendship. During concerts, Frank and Gerard frequently hug and kiss each other. The first Frerard glimpse was in the music video I'm not okay, when Frank kisses Gerard on the cheek. Shame they're both married...
Frank, love you but I have a wife and kid.

I wish Frerard was real :(
by Random person MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH January 30, 2010
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Frerard is a noun used to describe a pairing of Frank Iero and Gerard Way. Usually, this term relates to slash (homosexual) fanfiction prose or poetry, but can apply to any fan-made creation, such as video tributes, pictures and slideshows, drawings, etc.

Frerard supporters believe that Mr. Iero and Mr. Way have harbored secret feelings for eachother but have done very little to hide their passions. The most classic example of their beliefs is a moment in the music video "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)," where Frank kisses Gerard on the cheek.

Anti-Frerardists believe the two have a mutual, brotherly love that has no sexual desire or romantic intention. Evidence to support this fact includes a segment from an interview, in which Frank states his opinion of MCR fanfiction by explaining that despite its good-natured creativity, he would prefer it if fans would "stop making us have sex with eachother."
Most Frerard fanfiction is rated NC-17 for explicit content.

Did you write another Frerard?

"Frerard" is the combination of "Frank" and "Gerard"s' names.
by xzeldaxtwilightx January 26, 2007
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A pairing of two members of My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero and Gerard Way. Often used as a term for fanfics. Started by the two kissing and visibly flirting with each other in their band´s shows.
1. OMG!I need to know what happens in this Frerard fic...

by xfangedxmcrxfanx May 16, 2006
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The pairing of two members of the band My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way and Frank Iero. It was totally real don't dent it.
Do you remember the Frerard kiss?
by That emo rat August 21, 2017
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"Frerard" is the slash homosexual pairing of Gerard Way and Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance. Many fans believe that, although the two are both married to women and Gerard has a daughter Bandit Lee, Frank and Gerard's relationship is beyond friendship. The two frequently kiss and touch sexually on stage, and have also been known to discuss their sexual affairs. Some people also believe that Gerard's love affair with showtunes and Broadway musicals may have something to do with his Frank fetish. Frank is also a known bisexual.
by FrerardWhore October 28, 2009
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Gerard Way + Frank Iero = Frerard <3
Search Frerard Fanfic & You'll Know What I'm Talking About.
Gerard & Frank = <3 Frerard
by Flamed Battery August 22, 2011
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