About the best thing Microsoft has ever done.
A really cool game with an excelent story and a massive fanbase.
Freelancer rocks, whoever disagree's will be shot
by Nehvrook July 15, 2005
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A game created by Microsoft. Based on space age simulation and free roaming envirements.
-Dude Freelancer rocks
-Dude.. shut up
by Shriken April 03, 2005
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noun: a creative professional with vaguely explainable gaps on their resume. Typically a graphic designer or web designer, but not strictly limited to the commercial art field
Well, I see you have nothing listed from February of 2009 through May of 2010 on your resume. Do you care to elaborate?" "Ummm... yes. I was a Freelancer"
by 77jim March 23, 2011
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An individual who attends a social gathering without money or his own party items and never generally has these things at other gatherings that will ask other individuals at said gathering for their items I.e cigarettes, liquor
“Hey watch out for John over there he’s a real freelancer if you know what I mean
by Rooroox October 02, 2020
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A game that is crap that no one plays.
<Nooblet> Freelancer is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<S_P> ROFL you play freelancer
<-- ChanServ has kicked Nooblet from #1.6 (User has been banned from the channel ROFL Freelancer)
by IE n00b April 11, 2005
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Unstructured work, often done outside the office on a piecemeal basis. Irregular and often unpaid.
The editor asked me to do all that writing on a freelance basis, but in the end he never paid me. I took him to court.
by RexGibson March 14, 2004
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