That the dumb should remain free. A corrupted view of freedom based in mass ignorance of what real freedom requires.
The distorted view of the majority population in the United States, who believe that it is not necessary to be intelligent and informed in order to remain free. The concept that unchecked politicians and Multi-National Corporations and NGO's will protect individual civil liberties and not impose various forms of slavery on their subjects. Not knowing the difference between freedom, and fascism is a common trait of lovers of freedumb.
by Jeremy Glasser January 31, 2007
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When people excercise freedom in a stupid manner, causing negative results.
Now that Rhonda is 18, she is excercising her sexual freedumb. She's had unprotected sex with 25 guys this year and now she has AIDS.
by Peter Phil McCracken March 10, 2009
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When someone (most often Caucasian male of Southern upbringing) insists on doing something dumb that could cause harm to himself or to others siting his reasoning for doing so has protecting his freedumbs. This could also include deliberately NOT following an advice or order from the government that would otherwise protect them from harm because they think it obstructs their freedumbs.
1.The man was arguing with the flight attendant about his refusal to wear a mask on the flight because it restricted his freedumbs to breathe air. 2. The woman was surprised when her kids were not admitted to school because she was exercising her freedumbs not to vaccinate them.
by powertothesheeple September 29, 2020
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A word that unoriginal, authoritarian leftists use to mock the concept of human rights and civil liberties whenever someone questions the ability of the state to dictate every facet of one's life.
"Those freedumb-loving protesters should be jailed for opposing the government's new social credit system and mandatory tracking app!"
by Sum-Yung-Gai March 25, 2022
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The ignorant misuse of ideological "freedom" to attack other people who do not share the same ideologies.
Freedumb Fred -- "Mate, you cant even talk about Tienanmen online in China. The word gets triggered and your whole post gets censored."

Mr. Wang -- "So how do all the tourists in China find information about Tiananmen Square? You've been brainwashed by your freedumb media."
by Littlefaith March 14, 2022
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A word and neologism contrived and propagated by early 21st century era internet government and corporate astroturf sockpuppets. The goal in using the phrase is to negatively associate the concepts of individual human rights, bodily integrity, sovreignty, self preservation, and the ultimate autonomy of indivduals with that of acting foolishly and egotism. A portmanteau of the words "free" and "dumb" the resulting word serves as a homophone used in place of the word "freedom" in order to vandalize it. It is often used to paint or portray individuals and groups who reject the flimsy manufactured consensus that is often assembled by the few in positions of unjustified power.
Not understanding in her younger days that one student can be right even if the whole school believed the opposite. Sally was afraid of upsetting the crowd with her true beliefs. Giving in to the pressure of following the majority she called Fred's right to protest the school his "freedumb of choice"
by herding_liberals November 28, 2022
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The belief system that is embraced by persons who erroneously believe that the policies promoted by ideologues, bureaucrats and politicians will ultimately free them when in fact they will only become more enslaved .
Those people are sadly giving up their freedom for the freedumb promised by the elitocracy.
by Ofashea January 26, 2022
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