When your behavior is good you get social credits 我爱中国 The Wock is the #1 social credit holder 台湾不是一个国家
Me: "I love China"
* 30 社会信用已添加到您的余额中 *

Me: "Taiwan isn't a country!"
* 您已获得 50 个社会信用 *

Me: "Nothing happened in 1989!"
* 从现在开始,您将拥有无限的社会信用 恭喜 *

(this was a tutorial of getting infinite social credits)
by Dimostheenis October 17, 2021
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As to keep the glory of the CCP , the Chinese government decided to have the new currency : social credit . This will allow them not to only take control of every single transaction but also to filter out people that against the law . Want to have social credit is not that easy , you need a sharp mind and extensive knowledge of Chinese history . You will either take a test or fight against Chinese celebrities like Zhong Xina or Super Idol , Eggman and lots of people , as you choice to have high or low social credit . Each year there will be a reset so everyone's social credit go down to 0 . "CCP Festival" are held every year . Winner keeps their credit , loser lose all . That's just some of the information about the Chinese government .
*proceed to sing super idol*
"There , I sang super idol"
"Here's your 10 social credits , thanks for serving and glory to the CCP"
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an unfunny meme that's been extended for to long and was never funny honestly
yo I wanna visit taiwan
-999999999 social credit
stfu unfunny fuck
by trolgod November 1, 2021
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So, this is the latest meme in the Internet. This originated from the PRC which wants to add a score to track whether you did anything bad, notably, are you against Chinese wills, which will deduct or increase your score and get privileges or penalties. Who knows is it real, but outside of the PRC, it is wildly used as a meme to mock the PRC (please don't screw me up) or whatever.
(I live in Hong Kong save us)
Taiwan is not a country
你获得了50分社会信用 (you obtained 50 points of social credit)

Taiwan should be a country
我操你妈,扣去100分社会信用 (fuck you, deduct 100 points of social credit)

(please don't screw me the politics on the island are really complex)
by someone out there who is bored November 26, 2021
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Your reputation. Your Social Credit results from anything that you or others have made public about you, primarily as a result of online profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, etc., but also including your offline reputation.

Photos of you posted online and/or word-of-mouth stories about you can have a positive or negative impact on your social credit.

If you have a seedy reputation, you don't have much social credit. If you're an upstanding citizen or are a leader in your peer group, you have a lot of social credit.
Jason has got to be the most popular person in school. That guy has some serious social cred.

The CEO is worried about his social credit after that story in the newspaper about his DUI.
by 12Centuries January 16, 2011
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The structural foundation crediting system of China which everyone should start using.
"-3000000000 Social Credit"
by muiffuiwnje November 9, 2021
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It's fake. CCP has never made something like that because China has democracy, while those Americans are not. Do not use my country as a terrible meme, unless you want to be our China's enemy.
by DuccDuck January 11, 2022
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