Bisexual. Someone who sleeps with either sex. Especially someone who choses depending on which is more attractive, or is the better deal, on a given night.
Mike: Hey, it looks like Eddie is hitting on that gut...is he gay or what?

Frank: Na, but there are no good looking women here tonight, he's just looking for the best deal. Eddie's a free agent.
by LoneCrane October 19, 2007
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people who buy drugs. They are free to find and they work as agents "bring you more and more money"
"all these free agents you better build ur team" Jeezy
by Young Lady November 25, 2006
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The New 'adventure game' from LucasArts Starring Spaff.
Spaff is starring in 'Free Agent' from LucasArts
by jon January 27, 2004
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